Need a Little Green? 3 Things You Can Do!

Spring has sprung! It’s officially here! Things are blooming, the birds are chirping, the grass is getting greener and the first quarter is nearing it’s end. Where do you stand?

If the first quarter of 2012 hasn’t been “green” enough for you (meaning you aren’t making the money you anticipated so far), NOW is the time to do something about it.

  • Step 1 – Review your marketing plan! What were you supposed to do? Did you do it? Was it successful? Did it attract the number of clients you’d hoped for?
  • Step 2 – Now that you know what worked and what didn’t, tweak your plan. Where should you spend more of your time? And what should you drop!
  • Step 3 – DO IT! NO excuses!

During the first quarter, I surveyed the readers of my What’s Up For Kids magazine. I asked them where they saw the magazine, did they read it online or in print, how did they interacted with us (social media, ezines, etc), and what was important to them!  And their answers confirmed my beliefs!

  • Some who read my ezine, never picked up a copy of the print magazine.
  • Some who read my print magazine, never visited our website.
  • Some who attended our events only attended our events!
  • And even some who visited our website regularly, never connected with us on social media.

Do you know what that means? It means…..

  • You can optimize your site all day long, but if your potential client isn’t searching online, they won’t find you!
  • It means you can “tweet” and post on your social media pages multiple times a day, but if they aren’t connected to your social media, you’ll miss them!
  • It means if you aren’t out from behind your computer at the events where they are, you will not be able to connect and create that relationship!

BINGO! It’s confirmed! To reach your prospective clients and customers, you MUST be seen in a variety of ways! It’s a FACT!

So I have two easy to implement ideas for you!

  1. Attend an event! Connect with like-minded women business owners who are not only your prospective client or customer, but who are potential Joint Ventures partners, affiliates, referrers, and possibly even associates that become mentors or mastermind partners! To make money, you need to do more then be behind your computer! And spring is the perfect time to get out!  In fact, you can connect with exactly this type of woman business owner at SUCCESS Summit in Dallas on May 18th and Los Angeles on October 5th!
  2.  Get yourself seen in Today’s Innovative Woman! Our print magazine is seen by 10,000 women entrepreneurs! Our website and weekly e-magazine is visited by 1000’s. Submit a guest article, or better yet, place an ad. You get exposure online and offline! We are the most highly affordable, cost-effective national marketing to women business owners you will find.  And for my spring fling, I’m going to offer that print advertising to you at 40% off the standard 1x rate! Which means NO EXCUSES ladies! $75/month gets you a ¼ page ad for 2 months seen by 1000’s!!!  That’s about the cost of a fancy cup of coffee a day! You can take advantage of that offer on our Cyber Sale page!

April 1st is around the corner! Don’t be a fool! Review, make adjustments and get to work on your successful 2nd quarter of 2012!

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